Blackmark For Treetops Nursery

treetops-nursery‘Blackmark for nursery

Derbyshire Times  Published Date: 23 September 2009
EDUCATION watchdogs have rapped a north Derbyshire nursery after concerns were raised about cleaning standards and potty training
Ofsted carried out an unannounced visit to Treetops Nursery, on Ash Close, Barlborough, after receiving information which it said “could impact on the care provided to children.” In a complaint report published on Tuesday, the watchdog said: “We found evidence that the cleaning had not been carried out thoroughly and that staff had not implemented parent’s wishes with regards to potty training.”

Treetops, which charges around £150 a week, was issued with a notice to improve, which requires the nursery to ensure the premises and equipment are suitable for their purpose to minimise health hazards to children with regard to the cleaning. The nursery must also ensure systems are put in place to ensure staff meet the individual needs of all children, following parents wishes around pottty training.

But the findings came as a surprise to parents the Derbyshire Times spoke to outside Treetops on Tuesday lunchtime who said they had not noticed any problems with the standards of cleaning or care. Nicola Gray’s, son Elliot, who is approaching his second birthday, attends the nursery. “I’m happy with Treetops,” said the 36-year-old mum. “Child care isn’t cheap and you wouldn’t pay the money to have them in if you weren’t satisfied.”

In Treetops’ last Ofsted inspection, in March 2008, the quality and standards of both care and nursery education were rated good. Isabel Garvey, director of childcare for Treetops – which runs 22 nurseries throughout the Midlands – said the company believed Ofsted had been contacted by a disgruntled former member of staff. But she said they accepted the watchdog’s findings, adding: “We always follow strict health and hygiene procedures, and each nursery has a dedicated cleaner. Following Ofsted’s visit, the nursery has undergone a deep clean and we have reviewed our partnership with parent policy. We continue to meet the needs of all children.” Ofsted said it would monitor the provider’s response to ensure that all actions are successfully completed. Treetops remains registered with Ofsted.’

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