Cat Neutering In Clowne

cat-neutering-in-clowne-sept-2009Cat neutering scheme proves a success
Moggies in Clowne are being neutered for free thanks to a partnership between local police and Bolsover District Council. PCSO Suzanne Fox of the Clowne Safer Neighbourhood Team and the Councils Dog Warden Andrew Green, have been running the cat neutering scheme with hard to reach families of the West Lea estate in Clowne. PCSO Fox has built up a good relationship with the residents on the estate over the past two years and one of the issues they raised with her was the number of cats on the estate who kept breeding with one another.

PCSO Suzanne Fox said: “The residents were getting fed up as there are more cats than people. Most of the residents of West Lea are not well off and can’t afford to get their cats neutered. “I looked into what funds were available and Andrew said he would be able to get the money for a partnership scheme. The local residents have been really positive about the project and it has helped to break down barriers.”
The Cats Protection League has donated £2,000 to cover the cost of the neutering, which is done at Crofts Vets in Bolsover. The scheme is running across the Bolsover district but the West Lea estate was highlighted as a problem area. The cats are collected by Andrew in the morning and are returned home to their owners the same afternoon. So far 11 cats have been neutered free of charge and owners have been given worming and flea treatments for their animals at a reduced cost.

Cabinet Member for the Enviornment Councillor Dennis Kelly said, “Suzanne has worked really hard in the area and we are delighted that the scheme has been such a success. We have arranged for several more cats to be neutered over the next couple of weeks and hope to continue the good work.” For more information about this and other projects in the Clowne area call the Clowne Safer Neighbourhood Team on 0345 123 3333 or email’

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