Is The Standards Board Failing The Electorate?


Received in the Inbox: Sun 27/09/2009 08:38

‘Dear Barlborough Life
Your item “Councillor Probing Rule” is another example of Labour Councillors getting away with disgraceful behaviour something which would not be allowed in business. The Parish Council of Scarcliffe removed Councillor Crane from all committees due to his behaviour but the Standards Board still find no evidence. At this months Parish Council meeting in Barlborough Eion Watts gloated to his cronies that the Standards Board had ‘exonerated him’ although the Parish Council solicitor suggested an out of court settlement. No solicitor wants to lose a case and out of court settlements are agreed to reduce costs not to increase them………….is the Standard Board failing us the electorate or supporting it’s founders the Labour Party? There are a number of web pages of more Standards Board failures and it seems that the Standards Board was set up by the Labour Party to prevent and intimidate the opposition – when in fact it should be used to stop the bullying and intimidation that has been witnessed at Barlborough Parish Council meetings for the past few years. I am sure that the Standards Board will be abolished after Labour lose the next election as this type of quango needs to be stopped and the people involved like Crane and Watts made examples of. While I am supplying my contact details, I wish to remain anonymous to safeguard my family.’

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