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 Labour does well in Derbyshire parish council elections

Published Date:
04 May 2007
By Chantal Spittles
A SIGH of relief for Labour as they have retained and regained control of most parish councils in Bolsover.
They ousted Barlborough First from power in Barlborough Parish Council, gaining five out of eight seats up for grabs.

Leader of Bolsover District Council Eion Watts is delighted to be finally back in control.

“The people of Barlborough will be pleased because we will be working with them, for them. We will bring back the life and spirit into the village, and shall be electing a new chairman at the next parish council meeting,” he said.

 ……………And at Barlborough, four candidates battled it out for the two district seats.

Eion Watts, Labour, received most votes with 737 and newcomer Hilary Gilmore, Labour, had 556 votes.

Bridget Ingle, Barlborough First, missed out with 472 votes as did John Shaw with 470 votes.

“I feel vindicated, my opponents lead a bitter campaign against me but I think this is a victory for common sense,” said Coun Watts.

He added: “I want to take things forward and I hope to build on the foundations that we have already began to build.”

And Coun Gilmore, 59, of Park Street, Barlborough, said that although this will be her first time as a councillor, she is looking forward to working with the community.

“I feel elated and very privileged that the people of Barlborough village elected me and I feel quite humble – it is all down to them,” she said.

“I have not been a councillor before but I feel like I have worked in the community for some years and feel as if I have gained their trust.”

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