Barlborough – A roundabout or a village?

Each day I drive to work from Barlborough to Sheepbridge on the outskirts of Chesterfield. Over the last few months I’ve noticed quite a bit of work towards the Markham Vale Staveley Northern Loop Road scheme and curiosity got the better of me.  This is a road which will form part of a key road system that will link the £65 million Markham Vale regeneration scheme and surrounding areas with the M1 motorway.

As a resident of Barlborough I’ve witnessed a great deal of development in the name of regeneration over the last few years, we now have a Tesco’s distribution centre and a large destination garden centre (although they sell much more, including Sunday lunch.) This coupled with Wilkinsons and the B&Q distribution centre’s up the road means that the A619 roundabout at Barlborough gets a great deal of traffic. To add to this and the other development over the years, two new fast-food restaurants and a development the size Barlborough in neighbouring Clowne are all planned and ready to add to the congestion of this one roundabout.  My point, ALL this is in place now, Barlborough has the traffic and more is planned.

So why should the Staveley Northern Loop Road scheme interest me so much, well it’s a new road it costs £10.5M and it’s meant to take traffic away from Staveley and Chesterfield towards the new M1 junction  29a. I have no real problem with that, based on the fact that any development in Staveley is not even at the planning stage (it’s being devised as I write) I say “well done for having the foresight.”  After all the leader of Derbyshire County Council John Williams represents part of Staveley and he also happens to be on the Markham Vale Liaison Committee and the Markham Vale Partnership Board, so who better than him to champion the cause of redevelopment and find the funds to put such a road in place.

What of Barlborough well no doubt we will become a short cut across from the A1 to the new junction at 29a and if there are any problems on the M1 the north of Staveley and Barlborough will have to deal with the extra traffic (at least there will be a choice of fast food.) What have Derbyshire County Council got planned for this, well its paint, road paint to help direct traffic into the right lanes. I should be totally fair and tell you there are road signs as well. At least one sign should say “Welcome to the island of Barlborough” as we were once a proud village now we are a roundabout.    

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