Barlboroughgate Recordings Now Available

Received in the Inbox: Mon 09/11/2009 11:32

‘Dear Barlborough Life, I read your blog regularly and I would like to say that it keeps a few of us amused here at Bolsover. Thought the Barlborough residents might be interested to know that it is widely rumoured Cllr Watts intends to step down as Leader at the next election (May 2011). Hopefully, he will also be standing down as a councillor as well. While he has done some good work, he’s starting to get up peoples’ noses with his private car parking space in front of the offices, his Merc and his personalised (illegal) number plates . At least you feel with Dennis Skinner he is ‘a man of the people’ Cllr Watts doesn’t even come close. Interesting times ahead.’ Contact details supplied.

Apparantly, the Bully Bigwig of Barlborough was full throttle last night at the Parish Council meeting. According to sources, interested parties can now listen to the Parish Council meeting recordings, something the Labour Party are desperately trying to restrict access to. You would have to wonder why, given that they are public meetings. Now anyone and everyone can¬†experience the horrors of Barlborough Parish Council meetings by contacting the clerk and booking a slot…

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