Speed Limit Reviews To Improve Safety In The Spinkhill Area

Speed limits on stretches of road in the Spinkhill area have been reviewed by Derbyshire County Council as part of a nationwide safety review. Motorists are advised that speed limits have been altered in the following areas:

Speed limit change to 30 mph limit A section of Syday Lane / The Avenue / Station Road, Spinkhill; College Road, Spinkhill; The Lane, Spinkhill; Park Farm Mews, Spinkhill; Upperthorpe Road Killamarsh

Speed limit change to 40 mph limit Spinkhill Lane/ College Road Renishaw to Spinkhill; Speed limit change to 50 mph limit; Spinkhill Road/ Station Road Killamarsh to Spinkhill; Green Lane, Spinkhill; Upperthorpe Road / Hut Lane South of Killamarsh

The review aims to:

help provide more consistency among speed limits on roads across the country

improve road safety reduce injuries and deaths on Derbyshire’s roads

Thank goodness the Conservative controlled County Council is finally taking the issue of road safety seriously.

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