Car Park Facelift Solves Rowdy Behaviour

jim-smith-and-cliff-bacon‘Car Park Facelift Solves Rowdy Behaviour

A Clowne car park which was renowned for attracting ‘boy racers’ and anti-social behaviour has seen an £8,000 facelift to help tackle the problems. Local residents had complained about the problems in the car park adjacent to the Nags Head public house on North Road and local councillor Jim Smith took up their plight.

He managed to secure the funding to install security barriers around the site and a gate which is now locked from 7pm to 7am every night. Also included was the provision that the CCTV camera located in the car park monitors the car park area. Councillor Jim Smith said, “The car park was becoming a magnet for youngsters to congregate and cause a nuisance of themselves to passers-by and local residents. Youngsters from surrounding areas used to come into Clowne, park up in the car park and cause unruly behaviour, often until the early hours of the morning and it was just becoming ridiculous.

“Since we have installed the new security measures, we have had no problems and not only can local residents enjoy their peaceful nights but it also provides a more secure area for people to park their cars.”
In addition to the security measures, it is also hoped that new paving will be installed at the front of the car park to make the street an even more pleasant environment. The funding for the scheme came from Bolsover District Council and the Bolsover Community Safety Partnership, in partnership with Clowne Parish Council.’

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