Dennis’s Dwindling Majority

Received in the Inbox: 22/12/2009 20:16

‘Hi there, I’ve read the leaflet distributed by the Conservatives at the weekend. Personally, while I have always voted Labour, I would certainly vote for Lee Rowley this time. I don’t think I am alone either. I’m tired of the tub thumbing by Dennis and his inability to move on from the miners’ strike in 1984. It’s time for a change and the only credible opposition is the Conservatives. I took the time to have a look at the election results for this area and it really is quite interesting.

Dennis Skinner’s majority has been dropping at every election in Bolsover since 1992. It has decreased from 34,000 in 1992 to just over 25,000 in the 2005 election. It is worth noting that when the Conservatives mounted a serious campaign in 1992 they got 13,000 votes.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the campaign in this area is going to develop! Regards and keep up the goood work.’

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