Was Cllr Gilmour Having A Lay-In On Wednesday Morning?

Received in the Inbox: Sun 24/01/2010 11:56

‘Hi, I’m shocked that our local councillors didn’t speak at the planning meeting regarding a development which will have a big impact on Barlborough village. Was Cllr Gilmour still recovering from her latest cruise that she couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed to go and listen, even if she had no intentions of speaking?  The other two are just a waste of time. When I think of all the leaflets they put out when the application was being considered for the secure psychiatric hospital, just because it was leading up to and election and now you don’t hear anything from them. I’m hoping that the general election will see a clear out of the dead wood. Hopefully, it will trickle down to a more local level as well. A very disgruntled Barlborough resident.’ Contact details supplied.

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