Lowest Rise For Derbyshire Since Council Tax Began

Lowest rise for Derbyshire since council tax began
A council tax rise of just 1.5% was agreed by Derbyshire County Councillors at their meeting yesterday (Wednesday 3 February). More than 60 percent of Derbyshire homes fall into council tax bands A and B, and the increase for a band B property will be 24p a week for county council services. For those with a Band D property, the increase will be 31p a week.

Derbyshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Finance and Management, Councillor John Harrison said: “This is the lowest council tax increase by Derbyshire County Council, since council tax began in 1993. “We are mindful of the difficult times we are all in and the impact of any rise on household finances, so we have set a sensible budget.

“We are facing extra pressure on some of our services so we’ve managed to find extra money to pay for that demand. More elderly people now need care, so we’re putting in an extra £2.9 million to meet their needs.” Councillor Harrison added: “We’re also putting an extra £1.5m into looking after children in care and an extra £1.1m to meet the increased costs of sending rubbish to landfill.”

The council’s net budget for 2010/2011 is £513 million. Of this figure, £236 million comes from the government with the balance coming from council tax payers. During the coming financial year, the council will make savings of more than £6 million through greater efficiencies.’

Looks like the Conservatives are gearing up for a general election battle!

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