Message From The Police

[Reference: C3471 Computer security reminder 18/3/11]
This is a general reminder to consider the security of your computer & be mindful of emails from unknown sources. If you are at all suspicious of an email don’t even open it, not even out of curiosity, just delete it.

Some emails will try to tempt you to respond to them by offering too good to be true offers of free money or other goods. Or claim that your bank account has been frozen & all you have to do it simply complete the attached form. The simple truth is that no one gives anything away for free & banks or other organisations don’t work that way.

Just replying to a dodgy email can alert mass mail scammers that your email address is active & more dodgy emails may follow.

Make sure your computer virus scanner is up to date & your spam filters are running. Most of all just be aware that these types of emails are out there & apply a bit of logic & sense. If you are unsure of any organisations emails contact them direct to verify it.

Tim Parkin
Derbyshire Police

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