Message From The Police

[Reference: C3732 warmer weather security conscious ]
Police are reminding people to remain security conscious in the warmer weather after an elderly couple’s house was burgled while they were in the garden. Thieves snuck inside the house in New Tupton, through an unlocked side door between 11am and 3pm on Friday, April 15. They searched the house and stole cash from the bedroom.

Inspector Michelle Shooter, who is in charge of policing in north east Derbyshire, said: “During warm sunny weather lots of people leave their doors ajar and windows open while they are in the garden; this is an invitation for sneak in thieves

“I would like to remind residents to keep windows and doors locked when they are outside or in another part of the property. By using a little common sense and taking crime reduction advice seriously we can prevent most summer burglaries.”

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