Teachers’ Strike Action

Received in the Inbox: Wed, 29 Jun 2011 17:30
‘Dear Barlborough Life

I read with interest the letter from a clearly mis-informed member of the public concerning the strike action planned for Thursday at Barlborough Primary School. Could I first of all put them right in that the inset days arranged for Friday and Monday have been planned for some time and are a government idea to improve standards in teaching. Contrary to popular belief the teachers do actually come into school and undertake planned training on these days.

The writer must think that Barlborough Primary school are something special if they think that the national executives of the various striking unions will go out of their way to pick the day before Barlborough’s inset day to strike so that the teachers get a nice long weekend! I think they need to wake up and smell the roses!! I could go on about 3.30pm finishes but I feel that I will just be wasting my time. Hopefully you will be able to publish this in an effort to educate the uneducated.’ Name and contact details supplied

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