Nanny State Gone Mad…

Received in the Inbox: Sun 17 Jul 2011 08:20
‘Morning, I would just like to say that as parents of children who live in Barlborough and possible future pupils at Heritage School, how damaging it is for the schools reputation to even consider providing a bus to get the children to school on time. The message that is sends out to parents like me is that Heritage is a school where children can’t get there on time, so what on earth is the education like? It may be a very good one. But when a governor of the school thinks it’s ok to provide a bus to a school within walking distance and as County Councillor she knows it’s not the councils policy, what on earth is going off there?

It’s just the nanny state gone mad and it takes the responsibility of both the parents and children away from them for such simple tasks as timekeeping. We all have responsibilities and children should also learn at secondary school age they have a responsibility to get to school on time.’ Contact details supplied.

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