What A Joke, ‘New Parish Council Logo’!

Received in the Inbox: Mon 18 Jul 2011 09:43
‘Good morning, I just had to share this with readers! I noticed this morning after dropping the children off at school that an item on the agenda for the parish council meeting tonight is a ‘new parish council logo.’ I’m sure quite a few residents will be amused by this. You can’t help feeling that they should get their house in order first. The fun run and brass on the grass weren’t advertised. No one can get hold of the parish clerk – she’s never in her office when people call after dropping off at school. The notice boards aren’t updated properly and no one knows who to contact if they want to report something. It’s a complete mess – the new logo should well and truly be bottom of any list at the next meeting! A bemused resident.’ Contact details supplied.

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