The School Bus Saga Continues…

Received in the Inbox: Mon 18 Jul 2011 16:38
‘Dear Barlborough Life
Below is a prompt response from Derbyshire County Council in response to my questions about school buses. The response is clear and further supports that us paying for a school bus service through the money we pay to the parish council can’t be justified.’

‘…Thank you for your e-mail. The Authority’s home to school transport policy is to provide assistance with transport for full-time infant, junior and secondary school pupils to the end of statutory school age who do not live within walking distance of their normal area school. This distance is defined in the Education Act 1996 as two miles for children under eight and three miles for children over eight and it is measured by the shortest available route.

Parents who send their children to a school which is not their normal area school will not normally receive assistance with transport unless the preferred school is beyond the relevant two/three mile limit but closer to the child’s home than the normal area school.

Parents choosing a voluntary aided faith school on religious grounds may be eligible to receive assistance with transport if the chosen school is the normal area voluntary school and the school is outside the walking distance as explained above. In addition, in the case of Roman Catholic Schools only Roman Catholic baptised children are eligible to receive assistance with travel. More information is available from our website

The normal area school for students from Barlborough is Heritage High School and whilst there is no dedicated school bus service available there is a public service bus operated by Stagecoach (number 77). This service is available to students upon payment of a fare. The only subsidy provided for this journey is through the b_line scheme which offers students discounted travel. Timetable and route information is available from the journey planner and a link is attached below.

Although there are school bus services available from Barlborough to Netherthorpe School and Eckington School, these are provided commercially by bus operators and the County Council does not provide direct funding. I am not aware of any student from the village who receives free transport to either of these two schools. The bus service from Barlborough to St Mary’s Catholic High School is subsidised by the County Council to enable children to attend their local Faith School. However, new travellers from September 2011 will be required to contribute towards the cost of providing transport and the charge for a bus pass for secondary age students will be £317.00 for the full school year.

I hope this information is helpful.


Philip Smith
Senior Transport Officer (Schools)’

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