Fabulous Canadian Choir Event At St James’

Received in the Inbox: Tue 19 Jul 2011 09:51
‘I’m just catching up with Barlborough Life as I’ve been away for a few days.
The Canadian choir event at St James’ church weekend before last was fabulous and everyone really, really enjoyed it. The church choir are amazing as well and to hear them singing together was an absolute delight.

The only downside was Eion Watts’ speech – that man really is no good at public speaking. They should have asked the choir master to do that bit instead – he has wonderful diction and speaks so clearly and eloquently. I must admit a few of us found the speech embarrassing and a let down. He should prepare and practice for an event like that, not just wing it and hope for the best because it doesn’t work.

Anyway, well done to the organisers it was wonderful. Also, just to remind people that it is the well dressing and flower festival this weekend at the church. Regards’ Contact details supplied.

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