Cat Flap Burglaries – You Couldn’t Make This Up!

[Reference: C5152 Cat flap burglary crime advice]
There have been a number of cat flap burglaries recently across the force. One occurred in Whitwell on the 27th September, one in Bolsover on the 23rd September, & one in Swanwick on the 14th September. On all occasions the offender has simply reached through the cat flap & used the key left in the door to gain access.

If you have a cat flap or even if you don’t, please make sure you lock all windows or doors & take the keys out of the locks. Put the keys & other valuable in a safe place that can’t be reached, even if the offender uses a pole with a hook.

There are cat flaps available that are operated by magnets on the cat’s collar; local pet stores will be able to provide further advice on these. These types of crimes are rare and it only takes a bit of thought to reduce your risk of being targeted.

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