More Info On Dodgy Callers…

Received in the Inbox: Tue, 27 Sep 2011 10:33
‘I endorse¬†the post on scams.
There is a page on my website which warns against these people:

Unless you are 110% sure of a cold callers identity, if a caller asks for any personal information, or tells you that you have an IT problem you were unaware of you should always end the conversation and ask to call them back. Don’t just call the number they might give you, check it out using any paperwork you might have or a Google search.

I have a device on my home telephone line – True Call – that screens all incoming calls, unknown callers have to give their name before my phone will ring – this device many scam type calls each week – they just go away.

You could always Ask Alan for any IT related problems 07725 364574.
Alan, Barlborough Telecommunications’

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