Derbyshire County Council Ask The Residents

Received in the Inbox: Wed, 28 Sep 2011 19:33
‘Dear Barlborough Life

Has anyone read the Derbyshire First magazine which the postman delivered today? It would appear that the Labour rumours concerning Derbyshire County Council and their severe gritting cost cutting plan is a load of rubbish, in fact the Labour Councillors could be or even should be skating on thin ice! DCC are still planning to grit the same number of roads in fact 1,555 miles of roads but are looking to change the gritting plan from two categories to three. DCC are consulting with residents I can’t remember our Labour Councillors ever consulting they always knew best. However Barlborough residents can have their say at: No more lies and rumours just facts its quite interesting to see how our Council Tax is being saved.’ Contact details supplied.

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