Bolsover District Council – Private Eye Rotten Boroughs

It’s official Bolsover District Council has featured in the October edition of Private Eye under Rotten Boroughs – Congratulations!

The article reads ” The cuts are hitting hard in Labour controlled Bolsover, Derbyshire, with redundancies and cuts in services in the pipeline. Councillors are even having to close public lavatories in order to make ends meet. One area where further savings could be made, according to the district council’s independent remuneration panel, is in councillors’ allowances. Bolsover councillors pay themselves more than £10,000 a year for telling people how to cope with the cuts – compared with the average basic allowance of just £5,354. The panel suggested a cut to bring Bolsover more in line with other councils, yet only one of 37 councillors – a Green – thinks this is a good idea. Just fancy that!

A resident was overheard saying that the award of Rotten Borough was long overdue and that they had been working hard for a number of years to achieve this status.

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