Waterproof Watsy At It Again!

Cllr Watts is back at work (if you can call it that) after laying low for weeks ‘ill’ so he can’t be blamed for all the unpopular decisions the Labour Council are making (and that includes the reduction in black bin collections). This absence conicides with Bolsover selling up their town centre site to Morrisons. Cllr Tomlinson was quoted earlier saying that ‘someone had to do something’ because Bolsover was dying on its feet. Well, Morrisons didn’t do much to regenerate Staveley, did it? Not only are the selling off the site, they are moving to the Clowne College Campus because Chesterfield College ‘can’t afford’ to keep it open – apparantly.

So, Clowne Parish Council sold the community playing fields to Chesterfield College, now Chesterfield College are selling the site to Bolsover District Council. In the meantime Clowne has lost its playing fields and Heritage School becomes even more unattractive because of the absence of any 16+ education in the area.

As for Cllr Watts being poorly, he’d was his same vile self at the parish council meeting on Monday, so no real change there. Another clerk has been bullied out of her job with him supposedly being held up as the main culprit of the bullying – again. ~The third clerk to go on the grounds of bullying in 10 years at Barlborough Parish Council.

Soon people will cotton on that he’s only poorly when  when he is avoiding the consquences of the sh…y decisions they make.


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