Residents Praise For Barlboroughlife

Received in the Inbox: Wed, 16th November 2011 10:39

Dear Barlborough Life
I have just seen the latest post on your excellent website and would like to say a big thank you for keeping the residents so well informed pity the BLP (Barlborough Labour Party) don’t do this. I’ve heard recently that they are going to restart the Barlborough Country Park Management Group (something they effectively closed down when they as the Parish Council took back control of the Country Park) and guess who’s in charge- yes you’re right it’s our old friend Brian Watson. There was apparantly a meeting recently to discuss this –
It was widely publicised – so widely in fact I don’t know anyone who knew about it. I’ve even spoken to someone who was involved before and who is still down as the point of contact for the charity and he heard nothing about the meeting. I understand that they have formed a committee of 12 people – 7 Parish Councillors (interesting that the only independent Councillor has been excluded) and 5 “members of the public”. No names have been given out for these “members of the public” but my guess is they are either going to be involved with the football teams or cronies of “EION JW”. Either way I can’t see the park being developed for the people of Barlborough – remember the trees they took out for a car park for the footballers. I would be interested to see if Bri or his mates will be open and honest and make this list publicly available – perhaps through the medium of your brilliant website.
Thank you for those kind words, we try and keep all residents upto date with the stupidity of our Councillors and how they waste our money.
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