Barlborough Labour Party – We Know What You Want Why Should We Ask

Received in the Inbox: Fri, 18th November 2011 9:59

Dear Barlborough Life
I seem to remember some time ago that the Labour Controlled Parish Council did some kind of “deal” with Bolsover DC to get some money to refurbish the Childrens Play areas in
Barlborough. I understand that some of these have been done but the final one was to be an adventure type facility running through Slayley Green for the older children. I must say that I think¬† this was an excellent idea. I’ve just heard that it was announced at a recent Parish Council meeting that our District Councillors don’t think this is a good idea (For those who don’t know its Watts and Gilmour). That is obviously their own personal view because I don’t think they have had any discussion with the public about this to find out what the residents would like. Now turns out they want to put another playground on the country park – there is one there already and they are not going to put some of the money into that! Seems absolutely stupid to concentrate everything in one area when the green would lend itself so well to the proposal.
Oh, almost forgot – they also want to incorporate a youth shelter / drug & alcohol dealing facility within the playground! Yet another eyesore (must mean though that the development on the triangle isn’t a youth shelter – although I wouldn’t put it past
You just couldn’t write this but I guess the village has only itself to blame for electing these
You must remember Barlborough is only a democracy if the Labour Party want it to be we have seen this so many times in the past with their crazy plans which haven’t been evaluated. The old saying pay peanuts get monkeys!
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