Barlborough Parish Council – Shear Rubbish!

Despite the council tax remaining the same, Barlborough residents are getting even less for their money – the Parish Council is doing less than ever.

1. Light in Doreen’s garden has been out for weeks – still not repaired.

2. Light on footpath between Sycamore Lane and Slayley View Road, broken for months and months – still not repaired.

3. Fencing in Manor Road playground, smashed to bits – still not repaired. Still no seats for parents and carers to sit on even after 3 years!

4. Graffiti on the dog bin and seats on Slayley Green.

5. The brick monstrosity  on Slayley triangle being used as a litter bin.

6. No Christmas tree on the village green – why not?

7. Christmas lights for the lamp posts not put up, even though the Parish Council own them.

8. Under age drinking problem on the footpath between Clowne Road and Cottam Drive – you just need to look at the pile of empties to figure out what is going on.

9. Vehicles driving along the footpath between Clowne Road and Cottam Drive – where will it end?

It would appear the incompetance at Bolsover just filters down to Barlborough Parish Council. If the two District Councillors and County Councillor who purport to be working for Barlborough can’t get the above fixed, what hope do they have for anything else they attempt. Sack the lot!


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