Our Very Own Mr and Mrs Bean

As we see out 2011 and look forward to 2012 Barlboroughlife.com has had another excellent year with more and more “hits” every month from all parts of the UK. Barlboroughlife .com highlights the stupidity of our local Labour Parish Council, our County and District Councillors and how they waste our Council Tax time and time again. We also like to use this blog to praise the good work they do…………… but we haven’t had any emails praising their good work or seen any examples perhaps 2012 maybe their year. So thank you Mr Bean Watts for Leading Bolsover so well in 2011 (http://barlboroughlife.com/?p=4654) paying yourself and fellow Councillors more money and getting fined £25,000 by the Audit Commission – You must be so proud of your achievements!  Mrs Bean Western has been proved time and time again that she misleads residents (http://barlboroughlife.com/?p=4598) it’s probably time she concentrated on one thing and that is perhaps her on line dating (http://barlboroughlife.com/?p=4641) apparantly she is discreet and fun loving! …………….grrrrr………….easy tiger.


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