Well Done Barlborough Life – You Say Jump They Say How High!!!!!

Received in the Inbox: Tue 3/01/2012 17:49

Dear Barlborough Life

I can’t believe how Barlborough Life can make the Barlborough Labour Party jump. Last week you published the ten highlights of 2011 for the Labour Parish Council. It must have caused them havoc as they have quickly cobbled together a “newsletter” which if you exclude the photographs is about 1 page of incorrect information. Why do Bolsover produce this with so many spelling mistakes have they not heard of spell check or should I say spel cheque!

Do you have any idea why they have put pictures of a playground on a background photograph of the Ward Lane playing fields instead of the Country Park or are they ashamed to mention how many more trees they will destroy? Why have they misled the public into believing that the Parish Council owns the Country Park when it is on a long term lease from the Sitwell Estate?

Will someone please tell us the truth about what is happening in Barlborough?

Thank you for your kind words, the Councillors do read the blog daily and they hate residents having opinions so please keep e-mailing in we know the Tax Payers Alliance are watching Barlborough Parish Council and Bolsover District Council closely and who can blame them with Watts and Western on the Council.

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