Battle of the Iron Ladies as miners’ wives picket Maggie movie

Received in the inbox Friday 06 Jan 2012 20:33

Dear Barlborough Life

I’ve just looked at a video of the protest about the new movie “The Iron Lady” and frankly I can understand why some may be upset about this movie being made. That said I also note that quite a number of Labour Party councilors in “support” of  the ex miners wives protesting, suggesting that the movie is “not portraying what should be portrayed.” Yorkshire Post Link here

I thought our local councilor at Bolsover (Watts I think his name is) wishing her dead was a bit distasteful. He also said he’d worked out the movie from the trailer he’d seen!

I then look at the BBC web site and I see that our local Labour MP Mr Dennis Skinner actually agreed to appear in the movie as an extra, even had a chat with the star of the movie Meryl Streep and doesn’t  have the same difficulty with the movie. BBC Link here

Will the local Labour Party be asking for Dennis to resign?


Confused of Barlborough

Oh dear, could this be the end of a beautiful love affair, as we can see Anne Western (Derbyshire County Council Labour Leader) in support as well as Mr Watts. Shame no one told Dennis…   

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