Derbyshire Conservative Council – Residents Invited To Have Their Say

Residents are being invited to have their say on new proposals to help us be as fair as possible in everything we do.

We’ve drafted eight key objectives which we aim to work towards over the next four years to support our new Equality and Diversity Policy.

We’re asking for feedback from Derbyshire’s diverse range of communities to ensure our objectives address the issues they face.

People can have their say on the eight proposals which are to:

  • provide welcoming and accessible services capable of responding to different needs
  • create improved opportunities for vulnerable young people
  • work in partnership to help reduce health inequalities and deprivation
  • protect vulnerable people from the impact of crime and anti-social behaviour
  • employ more young people at the council and help them into employment
  • celebrate diversity and help communities get on together
  • employ a workforce which reflects the communities we serve
  • integrate equality into the way each of our departments works

Our Cabinet Member for Public Health Councillor Carol Hart said:

“We’re committed to being fair in everything we do from how we deliver services, how we work with other agencies and in all aspects of employment including recruitment and the selection on new employees.”We continually monitor our performance this area and as we were working on our new equality policy we found eight key areas where we’d like to do better.

“Although we’re not obliged to consult, we believe it’s important to do so before finalising what will become the focus of our equality work over the next four years.”

The survey includes questions on all eight proposals and also gives respondents the chance to make their own comments about equality issues and suggest other factors we should consider.

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