You Couldn’t Make This Up!

Received in the Inbox: 25 Jan 2012 20:27

‘Dear Barlborough Life
As a resident of Barlborough and someone who believes in transparency I thought I should write to Barlborough Life and give them an example of the comments that have been sent from Bolsover after a Freedom of Information request.

If you remember the Parish Council employed “builders” to construct a seating and planting area on the triangle on Slayley Green, the builders only worked at weekends and arrived in unmarked vans!

The following Freedom of Information request was submitted to Bolsover on the 21st November 2011:

1. Would you confirm Bolsover District Council own the land?
2. Would you confirm that Bolsover District Council were aware of the proposed build?
3. If Bolsover were aware of the proposed build please send me copies of ALL correspondence, including notes, emails, quotes, invoices etc relating to the build on Slayley Green
No information held

So Bolsover were aware of the proposed build but had no correspondence to support this, so a follow up question was asked:

As they had no documentary evidence how did Bolsover know of the build – if only for Audit purposes:

I can advise you that the Head of Leisure, Lee Hickin, could recall a conversation with a parish councillor regarding a proposal to re-instate the old wooden planters with brick ones.

You really couldn’t make this up, no wonder Bolsover keep getting fined will they ever learn?

Name and address supplied’

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