Unhappy Dog Lover

Received in the Inbox: 25 Jan 2012 19:35

Having just taken my new puppies for their first walk around Slayley Green I am disgusted by the amount of dog faeces along the route. Come on dog lovers, children play along these paths and verges;it’s disgusting that you don’t have the common decency to clean up after your pets. I don’t intend to be a vigilante regarding this but if you don’t clean up after your dog don’t be surprised if I feel the need to have a word!

Name and address supplied

It maybe an idea to contact Bolsover District Council to try and get their Dog Wardens out and patrolling. The Bolsover web site advises:

Report Irresponsible owners

If you decide to make a complaint about dog fouling, please ensure you supply as many details as possible in order for us to take the appropriate action:

  • Name and address of the dog owner – if you know it!
  • If the name/address is not known – a description of the person(s) and the dog(s)
  • Did the offender drive a vehicle? A description and/or registration of the vehicle
  • Location of the dog fouling or poop bag
  • Time of the incident – Very important! We may be able to catch the person the next time as most dog walkers follow a similar daily routine

Our enforcement staff carry out dog fouling patrols throughout the district, but we need your help to make the district a safer, cleaner and healthier place to live.
You can now report dog fouling online http://www.bolsover.gov.uk/dog-fouling-report.html 24 hours a day.

For further information on the Act or if you witness anyone flouting this law please telephone our Contact Centre’s on 01246 242424 or submit an enquiry form http://www.bolsover.gov.uk/general-enquiry.html

You can always contact our District Councillors eion.watts@bolsover.gov.uk or hilary.gilmour@bolsover.gov.uk – although they don’t reply to emails from the public!


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