Poisenous Plants, Broken Glass, Litter and Now Vermin!

Received in the Inbox: 17 Feb 2012 11:01

Dear Barlborough Life

Having lived in the village for 20 years I was upset to read your blog item about Doreen’s Garden. The garden was dedicated to the memory of Doreen Haywood who lived in the Old School House and was Deputy Head at Barlborough Primary School. The garden was donated to the village by the Co-operative Society as a community garden and should be safe and tidy for ALL Barlborough residents to use. I am sure Doreen would be most upset if she knew her friends on the Parish Council had let it become a derelict garden.

Name and address supplied

Thank you for your email this topic has certainly caused our inbox to overflow with photographs and comments but we do not want to upset anyone just highlight the issues when the residents of Barlborough are being let down. We now have vermin in the garden and from the photographs we have seen it’s clear the Parish Council are not using the village handyman to maintain this community garden.

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