Why Can’t The Labour Party Tell The Truth?

Received in the Inbox: 2 March 2012 21:04

Dear Barlboroughlife

I read with interest your blog item concerning a Labour Parish Councillor advising parents that Doreens’ Garden had poisenous plants. I contacted Bolsover District Council and here is their reply:

Doreens Garden on High Street Barlborough is the responsibility of Barlborough Parish Council, but I have spoken to them regarding the matter and was advised that an assessment took place six years ago by a Matthew Connolly and there are no poisonous plants in the garden . Also a recent clear up on the area found no dead mice .

Name and address supplied

Why would a Labour Parish Councillor advise parents that Doreen’s Garden had poisenous plants, could it be they don’t want Fairy Tales After School Club in the Little School?

Shame on you Labour Councillors

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