Welcome To Barlborough

Received in the Inbox: 10 March 2012 2:46

Dear Barlborough Life

I reported the damaged “Welcome to Barlborough” road sign at the entrance to Barlborough as you leave the M1 and received a call from Derbyshire County Council advising that the road sign was on order and would be replaced soon. They also thanked me for informing them and asked that if there were any other issues that Derbyshire were responsible for if the public reported them they would be dealt with.

Name and address supplied

Derbyshire County Council have improved significantly since the election with a “Can Do” approach, it’s clear our Labour County Councillor does not care otherwise this would have been repaired weeks ago. The email address to report issues is contact.centre@derbyshire.gov.uk

Since the Leader at Derbyshire County Council was replaced the system works again perhaps Bolsover should have a change of Leader……………..or is that the plan?

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