Bolsover Fail Barlborough Residents Again

Received in the Inbox: 22nd March 2012 19:46

Dear Barlborough Life

I have seen the photographs of the litter in Barlborough and thought I should send you a copy of an email sent to the Chief Executive of Bolsover District Council. Bolsover have even failed to acknowledged this email.

“It’s unfortunate that I need to contact you as Bolsover District Council Chief Executive again, but once again Bolsover District Council has failed to deliver the most basic of services.

I emailed your Contact Centre reporting the amount of litter in the bushes around the entrance to Barlborough as you leave junction 30 of the M1:

18th February email sent to Bolsover District Council – Response 20th February allocating reference number 356312 confirming the litter will be removed within 5 working days – Result Bolsover District Council failed to deliver

1st March another email sent asking when the work will be completed as the 5 days had elapsed – Response 2nd March a new reference number 358509 and now an investigation – Result Bolsover District Council failed to deliver

12th March another email sent complaining about the consistent failure of Bolsover District Council to pick the litter as agreed on the 20th February – Response Bolsover District Council decide to have another investigation – Result Bolsover District Council fail to deliver again

We have had a number of emails from Barlborough residents congratulating Barlborough Life on highlighting the litter problem not just around the M1 but also around the settlement pond……………………….it’s a disgrace and Bolsover continue to fail.


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