Wakey, Wakey, Wesley

Received in the Inbox: 28th March 2012 19:32

Dear Barlborough Life

I thought I should update you following the email I sent to Wes Lumley, Chief Executive at Bolsover District Council concerning their failure to clear litter in Barlborough. Well I thought Bolsover District Council were incompetent but it seems to start at the top he hasn’t bothered to respond not even a holding email, infact neither has the enquiries email address, no wonder they have such a bad reputation. I also have noticed that they still haven’t cleared the litter.

Name and address supplied

We are surprised that Wes hasn’t responded he usually gets someone to do this for him, perhaps he has also had his keyboard taken off him. We have had a number of emails  asking if residents would participate in a village litter pick?

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