Anne Western To Apologise?

Received in the Inbox: 20:25 22nd April 2012

Dear Barlborough Life

I wonder if our Labour County Councillor Anne Western will be apologising to the residents of Barlborough and Derbyshire County Council for once again misleading them by leafleting the village and wasting hours of council time concerning winter gritting when Derbyshire County Council have kept the roads clear all winter and clearly had it under control?

Name and address supplied

For those of you who may have forgotten the transcripts of a Derbyshire County Council meeting where Cllr Anne Western was ridiculed by Cllr Spencer – Deputy Leader and Member for Highways and Transport causing uproar of laughter in the chamber; well read it again and feel her embarrassment It’s unfortunate she has a reputation of stirring the trouble and walking away but consistently NEVER delivering.

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