Country Park Just For Footballers…

Received in the Inbox: Mon 14/05/2012 20:51

Dear Barlborough Life

I thought I would write regarding what is happening with the Country Park. I noticed this weekend we now how rugby posts on there. That’s good, it gives the children more things to do. What I am not happy about is the level of litter i.e. plastic drinks bottles and such like that are left by both the parents and children who are up there playing football at the weekend. Every week it is the same, it’s scandalous. To my anger, this weekend we had cars parked across the footpath, so you couldn’t walk around! That is after they ripped up trees to build extra car parking. It would appear that the 10 yards from the car park is now too far for them to walk to the football pitch…whatever next. Probably just the kind of loutish behaviour you would expect from people who are involved with the game. It seems to me that Cllr Watson and his cronies are just taking over the Country Park for football and now rugby and the rest of us who use it to go for a walk have to suffer. You can see how poorly maintained it is. The fence has been broken near the building for years now and still not repaired. The paint peeling from the building. Still not repainted.

Please note everyone that the grass has been cut more regularly on the country park than then rest of the village. That’s because they can’t play football in long grass. Us dog owners are alwalys getting the flack for not cleaning up after our dogs and yet most of us are responsible. However, it seems to be that the footballers can get away with blue murder just because they have allies on the Council! Digusting. Contact details supplied.

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