Barlborough Parish Council Bullying Continues

Received in the Inbox: 08:41 26th May 2012

Dear Barlborough Life

I read your blog item and wanted to write in last night but it has taken me until this morning to find the courage to do so. I voted for these people Cllr Watts and Gilmour  (not Western she’s not from Barlborough) for years as I thought they were working for Barlborough but a friend of mine knows a clerk from years ago and they told me that this is always happening and that’s why there’s a big turnover of clerks. A lot of councillors think that they should be allowed to run the parish councils without following any rules so that they can win votes and keep their friends happy. The Clerks usually just walk away though because it can be an expensive business once solicitors get involved and there’s never any guarantee of getting justice in these situations. The councillors carry on in their own sweet way and get away with it for years and no-one seems to care.

Please do not show my name or address as I am concerned of the actions they make take.

Name and address supplied

Thank you for your email we can confirm that the email has also been deleted from our server. It’s good to see that residents will email us with their own stories, the councillors think they can hide the problem and use our council tax money to pay the legal fees as they never release the parish accounts.

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