Barlborough Parish Council – Bullying cont…….

Received in the Inbox: 12:06 27th May 2012

Dear Barlborough Life

As a fellow labour voter, this is hard to believe. Our district councillors and other local parish councillors have always championed “Open and transparent government at all levels”

I’ve voted for Councillor Watts for many years and I cannot believe that he would be party to such abuse. He always seems to be a man of principle as does Councillor Gilmour, both being previous Chair’s of the parish council. I always thought that they were well respected members in the community and I believe they are true to their word. I can’t vouch for any other labour councillors.

That’s what they want everyone to think but underneath they are like lots of other people who have low skills but believe they have power and there’s no smoke without fire! Keep the emails coming you never know Watts and Gilmour may respond…………..



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