Barlborough Untidy Village of the Year – Winner 2012

Received in the Inbox: 11:59 16th June 2012

Dear Barlborough Life

Last night on the way back from watching the England match in the village (didn’t they do well) two ladies in our group removed the foot high weeds from the Village Cross.

We were all saddened by the state of the Village. The High Street is full of weeds along the pavements, in the gutters and drains.  The Rose and Crown pub looks derelict which adds to the overall image of neglect.  I have never seen the Village look as bad. There isn’t a flower in sight.

A few years back the village looked amazing, well-kept verges, hanging baskets and tubs of flowers. What has happened to our beautiful village?

I am told that Barlborough Parish Council is responsible and employs a gardener. What does the gardener do all day?  I have never seen him working.    My plea to the council is – if you cannot manage your staff then please resign from the Council or sack the gardener. There are plenty more willing workers out there, people who would take pride in their work.

We have had a number of emails concerning the poor state of the village and the pathetic excuse for hanging baskets. The Labour Parish Councillors have no idea or imagination and the “work” they do is for themselves or other Labour supporters. The Country Park is nearly how they want it to look  again no imagination lets see how long the Labour Councillor for the Country Park stays on the Parish Council……from past experience it will not be long.

If you travel to Staveley or Shirebrook you will see nice flower displays with at least some thought, most of the Labour Parish Councillors don’t travel that far except Eion Watts well you would do getting paid 45p per mile to travel to Bolsover every day!




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