Illegal Parish Council Meeting Scheduled for Monday 23rd July at 7pm

Nothing changes – they are a law unto themselves. A letter addressed to ‘Dear Councillor’ appeared in the notice board this morning – Thursday 19th July. An extraordinary parish council meeting is scheduled for Monday night at 7pm in the Heritage Centre on Ward Lane. No date on the ‘notice’ and quite clearly 3 days clear notice of the meeting has not been given to members of the public. Therefore the meeting is illegal. It is to discuss ‘ongoing staffing matters’. It says the item is ‘exempt’ which means they aren’t going to allow members of the public into the meeting. Again an illegal act. Members of the public are entitled by law to attend parish council meetings. No one can decide before the meeting is held that the item up for discussion is ‘exempt.’ Let’s hope they are not making any decisions behind locked doors about spending our money, or there really will be trouble.

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