Barlborough Resource Centre A Nursery?

Received in the Inbox: 11:12 2nd October 2012

Dear Barlborough Life

I have heard recently that BOOTS are moving from the Church Institute to the Resource Centre. I am surprised that this has been allowed as I thought there were strict conditions for nurseries especially around space the number of toilets and access to the public. Do you know if the Resource Centre is closing and will just be a nursery or are BOOTS just taking the downstairs?

Name and address supplied

We are aware that BOOTS are moving to the Resource Centre but have no idea if they have taken over all the building or if part of it has been sub let.  It maybe an idea to contact Ofsted as we are sure they will be aware of the move and answer questions you may have. Ofsted can be found at, telephone 0300 123 1231 or email Please keep Barlborough Life informed and we publish your findings.

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