Derbyshire’s First Police & Crime Commissioner


The new commissioner will be elected in a County and City election this November, giving widespread power and real accountability, the likes of which have not been seen before in the UK, to improve and change policing for the better.

Simon, who is Deputy Leader of Derbyshire County Council has pledged to put the public first when setting the future priorities of Derbyshire constabulary. It is his intention to make the police force more accountable and to give the public of Derbyshire County and Derby City a real say in how our police service is run. 

Simon Spencer pledges to work hard to crack down on crime, stop anti-social behaviour and put the public – not the criminals – at the heart of the criminal justice system. 

Over the next 4 years there is a big job to do to support the local police force to carry out their job properly, to raise standards across the county and to improve efficiency. Derbyshire needs a strong voice standing up for residents and businesses and promising to crack down hard on crime. Simon wants to be that voice for everyone.” 

Simon wants to bring common sense to policing in Derbyshire and to talk to the public about what concerns they have and what they believe should be the priorities of the new Police and Crime Commissioner. Over the coming weeks and months he will be on walkabouts, talking to the Derbyshire and Derby City public at events and shows in the County and in the City.

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