Barlborough Parish Council – What are they hiding this time?


Received in the Inbox: 18:02 9th November 2012

Dear Barlborough Life

I asked the “Acting” Parish Clerk for a copy of the approved Parish Minutes and Accounts using the Freedom of Information Act to obtain the information that residents are entitled to.

Here is her response dated 1st October 

“Please find attached the publically available minutes and accounts from the Barlborough Parish Council meeting on September 10th 2012″

After studying the minutes and accounts I had a couple of questions regarding some large payments made by the Labour controlled Barlborough Parish Council and emailed the “Acting” Parish Clerk again asking for additional information regarding the payments and for a copy of the minutes to be sent after each Parish Council meeting, again something I as a resident are entitled to.  I was quite surprised to find that on the 26th October the “Acting” Parish Clerk emailed her response as follows:

“I refer to your requests for information under the Freedom of information Act 2000.

1. Your request that: “I would like the approved minutes and accounts to be forwarded to me after each Parish Council Meeting starting from the October 2012 meeting…”

This request is denied under S21 of the FOI Act in that the information is accessible to you by other means. The information that you have requested is available for public inspection on the Council Notice Board and at the Council’s office.

It’s quite surprising as the minutes are a matter of public record and are NOT and never have been on the public notice boards, the Parish Office is only open between the hours of 10am and 2pm Monday to Friday so as most people are at work this doesn’t appear to be open and transparent.

It would appear you can have a copy of the Parish Council minutes providing you do not ask a question or challenge the Parish Council. If you do you will no longer get copies of the minutes.

I have emailed the “Acting” Parish Clerk again as she has made a number of fundamental errors to which she has acknowledged the email. The clocking is ticking and in 21 days she must respond with the minutes or a reason why she is refusing to send them. I will keep you updated.

Name and address supplied.

We are not surprised the Clerk just does what she is told by Watsy and Western, Gilmour and Clayton (Chair of Parish) are just the Parish Council puppets.

We have seen the mess that Watsy is responsible for with the Auditors at Bolsover

and the way Western has been ridiculed at Derbyshire by her scaremongering

Anything could be happening at Barlborough Parish Council with them in charge and unless the residents ask questions and challenge them our Council Tax could be being wasted.

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