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Budget consultation

We’re all aware of the current economic difficulties and the effect they’re having on our pockets.

And – just as you have to do at home – we’ve got to balance our books. We’re looking at a £125 million budget shortfall over the next five years. That’s why we’re doing our best to make the most of the cash we’ve got and continuing to cut out waste, duplication and bureaucracy.

Over the next few months we’ll have to set the council’s budget for the next 12 months. We’ll also have to decide what your council tax will be.

For 2013/14 we face a £25 million cut in our spending. That’s before meeting any new demands on our services or higher bills.

You can see the problems we’re facing by taking part in our online budget consultation.

This will show you what impact the cuts you choose to make to services might have and you can tell us what you think our spending priorities should be

Anne how will you spin this one in your favour?

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