Anne Western – Expenses Query

Received in the Inbox: 14:10 30th Movember 2012

Dear Barlborough Life

I have just moved to Barlborough and found your web site which I am finding very interesting. As a new resident to Barlborough I have also looked at Bolsover and Derbyshire Council web sites and noticed amongst other things that Cllr Western has only submitted 4 expense claims in the last year.

Is she our Councillor?

Name and address supplied

It’s great to see you have found us and thank you for making contact. To answer your question last year Derbyshire County Council decided as part of their open and transparency policy to publish the expenses of all County Councillors. Anne Western claims 36 miles round trip to “work” at 45p per mile.

Here are her mileage claims so far:

October 2011 627 miles @45p Total £282.15

November 2011 606 miles @ 45p Total 272.70

December 2011 490 miles @ 45p Total £220.50

January 2012 685 miles @ 45p Total £308.25

Total Mileage in 4 months 2,408 @ 45p Total Claimed £1,083.60

This is an Election strategy, she needs help in securing the Leadership of Derbyshire County Council in 2013 (2012 has not been a good year for her) so she will promote in her election material that she hasn’t claimed any travel expenses to and from “work” saving the public purse…………….or she may contact us with an explanation – we know she reads it!

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