Barlborough Parish Council – Still Refusing To Send Residents Information

Received in the Inbox: 10:30 23rd December 2012

Dear Barlborough Life

On the 9th November I sent you an email regarding my concerns that Barlborough Parish Council had refused to send me the Parish minutes after I questioned them about a very large payment. (

I have since had a response from their “Acting” Clerk as follows:.

The information that you have requested is available for inspection on the Council Notice Board in the Council’s offices. The Council’s office is open to the public from 10am until 2pm Monday to Friday; I note your view that this is inconvenient but I am satisfied that the requirements of Section 21 of the Freedom of Information Act are met 

So the rules have changed the information is now on the INSIDE of the Village Hall NOT on the Parish Council Notice Boards on Slayley View Road and High Street. I sent a copy of the “Acting” Clerks email to the Tax Payers Alliance who were surprised at the Parish Councils actions and responded as follows: 

You have every right to view agendas, minutes, and accounts. I suppose if everyone in the parish wanted them mailing there would be a significant cost, however this is not happening at the moment and is unlikely to happen in the future. They could also publish them online if they so wished. 

The Tax Payers Alliance suggested I contact the local press and BBC as they maybe interested in the story……………..lets see what the New Year brings I will keep you updated.

Name and address supplied

It is a concern that Barlborough Parish Council did send you the minutes and it was only when you questioned a large payment that they decided to keep quiet and refuse any further Freedom of Information requests. Barlborough Parish Council may need to look at how Clowne Parish Council and Staveley Town Council operate as they publish their agenda and minutes on line. It is a pity we do not have such a forward looking and transparent council.

Please keep us informed of your progress

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