Barlborough Country Park Annual General Meeting 7.30 20th May 2013

It would appear that now Cllr Western is Leader of Derbyshire County Council, she is going to try and do things properly. The Country Park AGM is tomorrow at 7.30 in the Resource Centre. There should have been 28 days notice so the public could attend, but only a few days have been given. So the meeting shouldn’t go ahead until the proper notice has been given.

No one knows where the Resource Centre is, even after 11 years. To cause further confusion they just keep renaming it, it is now the Heritage Centre. Clearly not expecting many people to turn up if it is being held there.

They are set to approve the minutes from April’s meeting. What they should be approving are the minutes from the 2012 AGM. But oh! they can’t do that because they didn’t have one. In fact, they haven’t had one since 2007. Tut, tut, spending shed loads of public money without holding proper meetings…

For those who would like to attend, but don’t know where the Resource Heritage Centre is, it is at the end of Ward Lane. Next building along from the school.


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